I’m Back!


I’m back, yay! I’ve missed it.

I had started blogging awhile ago and stopped. I was very busy but lazy too… if that makes sense. However, I feel a need to start writing again. It’s so therapeutic for me and kind of a passion. I’m not a good writer at all but I enjoy to write. I may not always express myself grammatically correct but this is more for me. I started this blog more like a virtual diary for myself. I’d like to share my love for picture taking and just have an outlet to share many other passions.

For those that followed my old blog, welcome back! I missed you! I hope you’ve missed me too!

So much has happened since the last time I blogged. I graduated California State University Northridge and I have so much more time on my hands. Yet, because of having all this free time I have also been struggling with a roller coaster of emotions. It’s true what they say that once a college student graduates they kinda go into depression. I felt lost at one point. Like what happens now? What do I do know? I’m doing better now but it hasnt’t been easy.  However, here I am, sharing my life with you. I’m a solid believer that God knows why everything happens and the fact that I’m here now … it has it’s purpose.

With love,




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