LA Living 🌴

What is good, mis amores?! 

As for me, I’m doing well! I feel blessed to wake up and take another breath. I love my beautiful Los Angeles! Therefore, I was excited to get invited yesterday to watch the Super Bowl from a loft in LA. The view was ridiculous! It was such a beautiful, amazing, & quite ridiculously priced view. 

The city of Los Angeles is magical, so while I understand the prices of these amazing downtown LA apartment prices… still way over priced. 

Can you spot “Jesus Saves” in the picture below? Lol 

Love it! He does! 🙌🙏

While this monthly cost of 6K for this view is a little much for me 😩…  it’s ok, I’ll just take in the perks of knowing people who get to live in the midst of such beautiful views. Lol

Not to mention, I love L.A but the price and the traffic? I think I’ll stick to The Valley for now. Yet, who wouldn’t mind that view? 😍 

Anyhoo, stay blessed angelinos! May you see the beauty in everything and feel lucky to be apart of such a beautiful city. 

 With Luv, 

Nancy 💋


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