They Don’t like You but They Keep Tabs 

People are amusing to say the least! They won’t like you but they keep tabs on you. > _< lol

I’m not in high school any more, old Nancy wouldn’t hesitate to kick a bitches ass, but I met Jesus and I know better now. LOL Back in the day, my anger wouldn’t allow me to hesitate before I reacted… as you grow older, you realize you really can’t get away going to the alley and beating the shit of each other. I grew up in a hispanic community where people who talked shit about you was settled with physical violence. Today, I reflected on my growth. I hesitated before lashing out. It’s easier to lash out to weak people with the same energy they are giving to you but it takes more control to let it slide…. to be the bigger person. We grow from these challenges! It was hard to keep my composure and not strike back with their same low tactics but that wouldn’t have served me any purpose.

In the end, weak people talk about others. I mind my own and if I don’t vibe with you, I simply don’t, I don’t wish you ill, I just don’t fuck with you. People who talk about others disgust me. Whenever I’ve had a ‘friend’ that constantly talked about others, I quickly distanced myself because I started to wonder what they say about me when I’m not there.

Regardless, to those haters keeping tab, talking shit, throwing indirect comments my way, Hi ✋️  , welcome back hunny! Stay lurking because I make money off your view! Hahaha I mean mama, you should want to be friends, I could teach you how to pick up a brush and blend that unblended eyeshadow, make your face appear thinner & all the beauty tricks I know LOL So in response to the indirect remarks about makeup… yes boo, I love makeup, I am a makeup junkie. It doesn’t offend me, I’m flattered you notice my additions. Anyhoo…

I love having a platform where I get to talk about what I want, whatever I want and inspire people. To my beautiful ladies that follow me on my snap, follow my YouTube, ask me questions and empower one another … I fuck with you! I love you! I embrace you and your the reason I blog, talk about beauty, do tutorials, because we females need to empower one another, teach one another, grow, learn, & not compete with one another.

With Love,

Nancy 💋