Disneyland’s Californian Grand Hotel 

I grew up loving Disney movies, therefore, it’s no surprise I love Disneyland! I’ve been a annual passholder since June 2014! I literally feel it’s my second home. I even dress up & get all glam for my Mickey dates! lol

The only thing I messed up on was not taking enough pictures. I didn’t take pictures of the Grand Hotel but no worries, I Vlogged it!  lol

I recently ventured to doing vlogs/ makeup tutorials on YouTube, therefore, my whole get ready with me Disneyland addition + vlog will be on my channel ‘Godknows_Y’ soon. I can’t wait to share! While, I love to write because I find it very therapeutic, I also love to do my makeup, edit, & share my adventures with all of you!

The only thing I mostly took pictures of was the food! No surprise for my fatass loves food! lol I’ve always wanted to stay in the Grand Hotel and 85% to wake up to room service & have a cute Micky waffle! The other 15% was to be able to stay up late & next day be ready to roll out of bed & venture to magical hours in California Adventure Park.

Every trip to my second home is magical but this pass weekend was the most magical of all! I had dreamt to stay in the Grand hotel & it didn’t disappoint! I’ll definitely be staying there again!

With Love,