Trust Vibes… Energy Doesn’t Lie

“Trust the vibes you get. Energy doesn’t lie”

Have you ever met someone and for some reason you feel a negative vibe right away? You can’t explain it but something is off? Well, this feeling is there for a reason. I’m not saying every time you feel this, something is wrong with that person, but rather your energies are not aligning… and that’s ok. There are people in this life that are meant for you and others that aren’t… and that’s ok.

Sometimes there’s literally no explanation and you can’t make sense of these bad vibes but you don’t need to have one. Do what makes you happy! I always try to meet new people with open an open mind and never judge people by their appearance. However, if for whatever reason, I’m feeling an undoubtedly negative feeling and I feel judged by this person … I’m out. You intuition is usually right. I’ve always given myself permission to immediately walk away from anything that gives me bad vibes. In the beginning when I first started to notice this, I’d try to make sense of it & give the benefit of the doubt & have these people in my life. Yet, I always proved myself that there was a reason as to why I was feeling the way I was. I know now that there is no need to have an explanation or make sense of it. I trust the inner voice when it talks to me.

Let your intuition speak to you. Listen to it. Many times I have found myself removing myself from situations that are causing me so much distress that I could have avoided if I initially would have listened to my intuition. Forcing yourself to continue to carry relationships, friendships, and even family ties, when you are not feeling positive vibes doesn’t have to be an option. It’s not what your body and soul needs.

One thing I can always do that helps me remove the noise and get some clarity is hiking!  Solstice Canyon in Malibu is always so beautiful. Enjoy these pictures I took while on my sunset hike. You can’t believe how much more happy I am  now that there is daylight later in the day! YAY!

“Never discredit your gut instinct. You are not paranoid. Your body can pick up bad vibrations. If something deep inside of you says something is not right about a person or situation, trust it.”